Family business with agronomic training

We are a family business with agronomic training, which has been forged in Adamuz (Córdoba). An Andalusian municipality with a long olive tradition for centuries, a lover of olive oil and olive cultivation. In our case, we have joined the physical work and the study of other tasks that make up the management of the olive grove from pruning to harvesting through soil maintenance, nutrition, irrigation and minimal and curative preventive treatments only if necessary.

Thanks to our passion for the world of olive groves and the knowledge acquired over time, we have been developing experiences that have allowed us to innovate in many facets of cultivation.

Cultivation in a privileged environment: Sierra Morena and the Guadalquivir River

Anyone who visits Adamuz and the Upper Guadalquivir region falls in love. And we do not say it because of the passion we profess to our people, says the history and landscapes that lie there. Our olive grove is located in the heart of Sierra Morena at the foot of the Guadalquivir River, and although most of the land is dedicated to the cultivation of the olive tree, the characteristic vegetation is Mediterranean forest of holm oaks or madroños. A paradise for any nature lover.


Our maxim: the environmental care of the ecosystem in each crop plot to achieve a sustainably obtained oil

This is achieved by taking advantage of new technologies, advances in science and new means of production but without losingthe focus where growing areas are above all a pleasant corner for both people and animals, including insects beneficial to the ecosystem.

This system of work is often difficult to carry out, as some of these farming methods are unusual and difficult to assume by many farmers, such as the maintenance of spontaneous plant covers with native flora, which as a result produce organic matter in the soil.